IBCC Episode 3 – Approach to the GI Bleed

In this episode we summarize the approach to the patient with a bleeding GI tract. Whether its upper, lower, or anything in between… we’ve got you covered.

IBCC Episode 2 – Ischemic Evaluation in the Non-Cardiac Patient

In this episode, Josh takes us through how to approach the type 1 versus type 2 acute coronary syndrome in the ICU. In other words, take a listen to find out what to do with that ECG and troponin.

IBCC Episode 1 – DKA

In this episode, we cover the anatomy of a DKA resuscitation. Check the post out for some juicy pearls. As always, the pitfalls: Missing an underlying cause of DKA, especially sepsis.  The primary cause of death among patients admitted with DKA isn’t the DKA itself, but rather associated conditions (mostly sepsis). Bolusing large volumes of