Postgraduate Medical Education

Policies and Procedures

Have a question about registration or licensing? Or perhaps you’re looking for more information on travel and reimbursements? As a resident at UBC, there’s a lot to know.

That’s why we’ve created a single page including all PGME policies and procedures, which is designed to guide and protect you, the Faculty of Medicine, and the University in the conduct of day-to-day business.

The policies included on this page are derived from a variety of organizational groups and regulatory bodies.

Policies & Procedures

Resident Help

This brief list of contacts will provide you with professional support on a variety of specific issues.

Resident Help

Resident Wellness

Over the course of your time as a resident you will face numerous pressures — both professional and personal.

Whether you’re seeking support around stress and time management, looking to improve your communication at work or with loved ones, learning ways to manage moods (depression, anxiety), or dealing with a loss or life transition, here at the Resident Wellness Office (RWO), we’re here to listen.

We offer:

  • Free and confidential counselling for individuals and couples (in-person and over the phone/Zoom)
  • Group support
  • Referrals to community resources and other helping professionals
  • Workshops on relevant health and wellness topics
  • Up-to-date online resources
  • Community events
Resident Wellness