SPH Adult Rotating Residents

Welcome to those residents who are about to join us in the ICU at St Paul’s Hospital!

Please take the time to look through the St. Paul’s Rotating Resident’s Manual prior to your rotation (be forewarned this is a large document with approximately 110 pages). Within it, you will find a variety of topics including your roles and objectives, as well as the roles of the other members of the healthcare team. The operating policies of the unit can be found in these pages as well as some practice guidelines. Additionally, there is a long list of useful references relating to core ICU knowledge.

Your “call schedule” will be posted under SPH Resident Schedule shortly before your rotation starts.

If you have questions or problems could you please contact our Program Secretary. We hope you have a terrific rotation, and we look forward to working with you!

Sandie Gillis
ICU Administration
St. Paul’s Hospital, Rm P3311
Phone: 604.806.9405
Fax: 604.806.8710