IBCC Episode 125 – Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction

Being Dynamic is usally a great thing… but not when youre crushing the only good way out of the left ventrile.  In this episode we cover dynamic obstruction of the LVOT (specifically sub-valvular): what is it? who gets it? What to do about it. We missed ya’ll, so come have alisten and brush up on

IBCC Episode 124- Neuroprognostication After Cardiac Death

In this beast of a 53 minute podcast, we tackle the approach to prognosticating neurologic function of our patients after cardiac arrest. This is hard! As Dick Cheney taught us, there are lots of known and unknown-unknowns. Read through the chapter, then come listen to all things: nuances around confounders, using structural and functional tests.

IBCC Episode 123 – Respiratory Alkalosis

In this episode, we follow up with last week’s podcast and explain the drivers of hypocapnia and subsequent respiratoy alkalosis. Come listen to a primer for all things ASA, sepsis, encephalopathy or strait mountain biking – induced panic. 

IBCC Episode 122 – Respiratory Acidosis

In this lean and mean episode, we cover the outrageously broad topic of respiratory acidosis. Come listen to help structure your approach to Won’t Breathe, Can’t Breathe, and Breathing Won’t Work.  If you remeber nothing else, its that hypercapnia does not always mean BIPAP

IBCC Episode 121 – Pneumocystis Jiroveci Pneumonia

In this episode we cover the rare but important driver of your patients respiratory failure:  Pneumocystis Jiroveci Pneumonia. Come listen to why you should always delineate HIV status, how to approach patient workup and treatment via an invasive and non invasive manner, and why heatwaves is just a sick song.

IBCC Episode 120 – Tamponade

In this episode, we cover that terrible T… Tamponade. Sit back, and get your learn on while we go beyond Beck’s triad, discussing all things pulses paradox, ultrasound assessment, pitfalls, stabilization, and Josh will even melt your mind with low pressure tamponade.

IBCC Episode 119 – Sympathomimetic Toxicity

In this episode, we cover all things “Upper(s).” Come listen to all things critical care level cocaine, meth and bath salts. Organ dysfunction, rapid control, immersive cooling and more!

IBCC Episode 118 – Necrotising Fasciitis

In this episode, we cover that scary presentation where your patient goes from seemingly well, to skin melting off and in multi organ failure. Come take a listen for all things clinical presentation, anti-toxin antibiotics regimes, skin cut downs and surgical debridement.

IBCC Episode 117- SCAPE

We’re back… maybe by popular demand? In this episode, we cover those two phenotypes of acute pulmonary edema: the hyper-acute sympathetic crashing acute pulmonary edema (SCAPE) patient, versus that fluid overload sub acute pulmonary edema (FOSPE). Come listen to all things NIV, nitro, and soothing calm clinical approach. 

IBCC Episode 116 – Hepatorenal Syndrome

It has been a hot minute, Josh blames Adam. Adam Blames existential crisis, wildfires and the Rona. Come listen to this comeback cast: Hepatorenal Syndrome. We talk all things systemic dilation with renal constriction. We talk newish classification, albumin, pressers and more. So leave your Map goal of 60 behind you, and enjoy these pearls.

IBCC Episode 115 – Invasive Candidiasis

In this episode, we cover that variable response to when the lab calls with a culture positive for candida. Lines, blood, Urine. Labs, Anti-fungals, imaging… we got it all. 

IBCC Episode 114 – Atrial Fibrillation

In this episode, we aim to arm you with a basic approach to the rhythm that loves to make the monitors go ping: atrial fibrillation. The age old argument: rate vs rhythm control. What rate is acceptable? Who gets all of the drugs? Why do we love amiodorone? When do you dust off old sparky?