VGH Adult Rotating Residents

Welcome to those residents who are about to join us in the ICU at Vancouver General Hospital!

Please take the time to look through the Educational Objectives prior to your rotation. Additionally, we ask that you fill out the on-line Pre-Rotation Procedural Experience Survey and email it back to our office prior to starting with us. There is a Post-Rotation Procedural Experience Survey to be filled out as well.

Finally, there is a document on drugs commonly used in Critical Care. You may find this helpful to review.

Your “call schedule” will be posted under VGH Resident Schedule shortly before your rotation starts. All residents are required to present a pre-assigned morning seminar during their stay with us. The topic and date you are assigned will also be posted prior to your rotation under the heading: VGH Resident Morning Seminar Schedule.

If you have questions or problems could you please contact our Program Secretary. We hope you have a terrific rotation, and we look forward to working with you!