IBCC Episode 113 – Sodium Channel Blocker Toxicity

In this episode we cover one of the hallmarks of the poisoned patient, that ECG tracing with a widening QRS. After reading the post, come listen for the nuances around all things hypertonic bicarb for sodium delivery, preventing acidosis with isotonic bicarb, how those sneaky-brilliant toxicologists will use lidocaine, and when to push the “panic

IBCC Episode 112 – Valproic Acid Toxicity

In this episode we cover the obvious, and subtleties around Valproic Acid toxicities. We talk everything from cerebral edema, giving that L-Carnitine and when to spin that IHD machine. 

Division CCM Annual Report 2020

Division CCM Annual Report 2020

IBCC COVID-19 Update #8

In this episode we summarize the new COVID Chapter (well not so new, but spot on predictions from Jan 26th). Steroids = Yes. Dose… 6mg and keep going up? Toci / Bari = maybe Cocktails / Plasma = Nope Come take a listen for all things anticoagulation, immune modulation and organ support.

IBCC Episode 111- Purpura Fulminans

In this episode we continue on the path of DIC: the scary sub-phenotype that is Purpura Fulminans. When your patient is necrosing everything, you need to act quickly before they start losing organs and digits. Come listen for identification, anticoagulation, protein C and all its goodness, when to give Vitamin K, and why to really

IBCC Episode 110 – Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

In this episode, we cover disseminated intravascular coagulation. It sounds bad, because it is. Come listen and refresh your skills around supporting the bleed-bleedy versus the cloth-clotty, how to differentiate DIC and chronic liver failure and a few more juicy clinical pearls.

IBCC Episode 109 – Lithium Toxicity

In this episode, we cover the spectrum of lithium toxicity, from the acute ingestion, to the patient with saturated brain tissue. Come take a listen to explore the nuances around volume repletion, when or should you reach for dialysis, what SILENT is or does it exist.

IBCC Episode 108 – Toxic Shock Syndrome

In this episode we cover those super antigens that cause all the trouble with staph and strep infections. Come take a listen around pathophysiology, identification, antimicrobials and all things IVIG.

IBCC Episode 107 – BRASH Syndrome

In this episode, we cover the OG-Farkas description of the age-old interplay between bradycardia / renal failure / AV nodal blocking agent / Shock / and Hyperkalemia. Don’t just try and snipe one off at a time, carpet bomb them all at once. 

IBCC Episode 106 – Massive Transfusion Protocol

In this episode we cover the crucial approach to what drives hemorrhagic shock: lots of bleeding. Come take a listen for the nuances around an organized approach to 1:1:1 and may we be as bold to say… 1:1:1:1 (fibrinogen, YAY). All things hypocalcemia, hypothermia, acidosis and what lines to use. 

IBCC COVID-19 Update #7

We were actively trying to fill your life with non-covid things… but we just had to talk about these big new things. Come take a listen of aerosol transmission, why Remdesivir just doesn’t work in the real world, why not to make the same mistake with the -mab du jour, and a few other tid

IBCC Episode 105 – Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

In this episode, we cover that daily issue: Is this a VAP? Come take listen to level up beyond leukocytosis, inflammation, consolidation, worsening oxygenation and positive cultures. Viva la Piptazo – Linezolid/Vanco diad.