IBCC Episode 116 – Hepatorenal Syndrome

It has been a hot minute, Josh blames Adam. Adam Blames existential crisis, wildfires and the Rona. Come listen to this comeback cast: Hepatorenal Syndrome. We talk all things systemic dilation with renal constriction. We talk newish classification, albumin, pressers and more. So leave your Map goal of 60 behind you, and enjoy these pearls.

IBCC Episode 115 – Invasive Candidiasis

In this episode, we cover that variable response to when the lab calls with a culture positive for candida. Lines, blood, Urine. Labs, Anti-fungals, imaging… we got it all. 

IBCC Episode 114 – Atrial Fibrillation

In this episode, we aim to arm you with a basic approach to the rhythm that loves to make the monitors go ping: atrial fibrillation. The age old argument: rate vs rhythm control. What rate is acceptable? Who gets all of the drugs? Why do we love amiodorone? When do you dust off old sparky?

IBCC Episode 113 – Sodium Channel Blocker Toxicity

In this episode we cover one of the hallmarks of the poisoned patient, that ECG tracing with a widening QRS. After reading the post, come listen for the nuances around all things hypertonic bicarb for sodium delivery, preventing acidosis with isotonic bicarb, how those sneaky-brilliant toxicologists will use lidocaine, and when to push the “panic

IBCC Episode 112 – Valproic Acid Toxicity

In this episode we cover the obvious, and subtleties around Valproic Acid toxicities. We talk everything from cerebral edema, giving that L-Carnitine and when to spin that IHD machine. 

Division CCM Annual Report 2020

Division CCM Annual Report 2020

IBCC COVID-19 Update #8

In this episode we summarize the new COVID Chapter (well not so new, but spot on predictions from Jan 26th). Steroids = Yes. Dose… 6mg and keep going up? Toci / Bari = maybe Cocktails / Plasma = Nope Come take a listen for all things anticoagulation, immune modulation and organ support.

IBCC Episode 111- Purpura Fulminans

In this episode we continue on the path of DIC: the scary sub-phenotype that is Purpura Fulminans. When your patient is necrosing everything, you need to act quickly before they start losing organs and digits. Come listen for identification, anticoagulation, protein C and all its goodness, when to give Vitamin K, and why to really

IBCC Episode 110 – Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

In this episode, we cover disseminated intravascular coagulation. It sounds bad, because it is. Come listen and refresh your skills around supporting the bleed-bleedy versus the cloth-clotty, how to differentiate DIC and chronic liver failure and a few more juicy clinical pearls.

IBCC Episode 109 – Lithium Toxicity

In this episode, we cover the spectrum of lithium toxicity, from the acute ingestion, to the patient with saturated brain tissue. Come take a listen to explore the nuances around volume repletion, when or should you reach for dialysis, what SILENT is or does it exist.

IBCC Episode 108 – Toxic Shock Syndrome

In this episode we cover those super antigens that cause all the trouble with staph and strep infections. Come take a listen around pathophysiology, identification, antimicrobials and all things IVIG.

IBCC Episode 107 – BRASH Syndrome

In this episode, we cover the OG-Farkas description of the age-old interplay between bradycardia / renal failure / AV nodal blocking agent / Shock / and Hyperkalemia. Don’t just try and snipe one off at a time, carpet bomb them all at once.