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Dr. Ruth MacRedmond


Dr. Ruth MacRedmond

Clinical Associate Professor


MB. BCh., BAO. (II Honours) Trinity College, Dublin

Recent Publications:

  • MacRedmond R, Hollohan K, Stenstrom R, Nebre R, Jaswal D, Dodek P. Introduction of a comprehensive protocol for management of severe sepsis is associated with improvements in timeliness of care and patient survival. Qual Saf Health In Press.
  • Ruth MacRedmond , Gurpreet Singhera, Sue Attridge, Mohammed Bahzad, Craig Fava, Ying Lai , Teal S. Hallstrand, Delbert R. Dorscheid. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is improves airway hyperreactivity in overweight mild asthmatics. Clin Exp All In Press.
  • Kelly E, MacRedmond R, Cullen G, Greene CM, McElvaney NG, O’ Neill SJ. The effect of age on systemic cytokine levels in Community Acquired Pneumonia. Respirology (2009) 14, 210-216.
  • MacRedmond R, Singhera GK, Dorscheid DR. Erythropoietin inhibits Fas- and neutrophil-mediated apoptosis of respiratory epithelium.  Eur Respir J. 2009 Jun;33(6):1403-14.
  • Hilli MA, MacRedmond R, Hollywood P, O’Neill S, Morgan R.  Massive pulmonary emboli associated with olanzapine. Ir Med J. 2008 Jun;101(6):186.
  • Singhera G, MacRedmond R, Dorscheid DR. IL-9 and IL-13 inhibit corticosteroid-induced apoptosis in normal airway epithelial cells. Exp Lung Res. 2008 Nov;34(9):579-98.
  • MacRedmond RE, Greene CM, Dorscheid DR, McElvaney NG, O’Neill SJ. Epithelial expression of TLR4 is modulated in COPD and by steroids, salmeterol and cigarette smoke. Respir Res. 2007 Nov 22;8:84.