Dr. Najib Ayas

Associate Professor, Division of Critical Care Medicine, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UBC

Dr. Najib Ayas graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta in 1992. He completed an Internal Medicine residency at the Mayo Clinic in 1996, and postgraduate training in Respiratory, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School in 2000. He was on staff at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for two years, and then joined the Sleep Disorders Program at the University of British Columbia in September 2002. He also has a Master of Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health.

His research focuses on the public health and safety consequences of sleep apnea and sleep deprivation. His work has been published in a variety of medical journals including the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Chest, Sleep, Cardiovascular Nursing, Journal Spinal Cord Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Thorax, Archives of Internal Medicine, Canadian Journal of CME, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, and Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine.

University or Institution Degree Subject Area Dates
University of Alberta General Science 1986 – 1988
University of Alberta MD 1988 – 1992
St Thomas Medical Center, Akron, Ohio Rotating Internship 1992 – 1993
Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Rochester, MN Internal Medicine Residency 1993 – 1996
Harvard, Boston, MA Combined Program Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellowship 1996 – 2000
Harvard School of Public Health Masters Public Health 2000 – 2002


Special Professional Qualifications

1 1992  Advanced Cardiac Life Support
2 1993  Licentiate of Medical Council of Canada
3 1996  Certification, American Board of Internal Medicine
4 1996  Massachusetts General License to Practice
5 1997  Fellow, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Internal Medicine)
6 1998  Advanced Trauma Life Support
7 1999  Diplomate, American Board of Sleep Medicine
8 2000  Specialty Certification Respiratory Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine
9 2000  Specialty Certification Respirology (Canada)
10 2006  Specialty Certification Critical Care Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine



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Undergraduate Awards:
1 1986  Galbraith Bursary
2 1987  Board of Governor’s Prize in Science
3 1987 – 1991  Louise McKinney Scholarship five years in a row
4 1988  AJ Pauly Bursay in Medicine
5 1989  Fisons Corporation Scholarship in Immunology
6 1990  Adella Patrige Memorial Award in Cardiology
7 1990  Weinlos Prize in Pathology
8 1992  Hewlett Packard Top Medical Graduate Award
9 1992  Hepburn Memorial Prize in Surgery
Post-graduate Awards:
10 1996  Mayo Clinic Outstanding Internal Medicine Resident Award
11 1996  Certificate of Merit from the American College of Physicians
12 1998  Research Merit Award, American Professional Sleep Society
Faculty Awards:
13 2002  BC Lung Association Career Development Award ($25,000)
14 2002-2007 New Investigator Salary Award, CIHR/BC Lung Association Award ($50,000/yr)
15 2003-2005 Academic Enhancement Award (Departmental Scholar) ($10,000/yr)
16 2004-2009 Scholar Award, Michael Smith Foundation  ($80,000/yr)
17 2009-2012  Established Clinician Scholar Award, VCHRI
Awards for Research Abstracts
18 Best Abstract at Simulation Summit. International Conference for Residency Education, Ottawa, September 2008
19 Best Abstract, American Thoracic Society Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep, May 2005.

Teaching Awards

Award for Clinical Teaching Excellence, Division of Critical Care Medicine UBC, June 2013.

Other Awards:

Martin Hoffman Award Excellence in Research, Providence and UBC


Member, Grant Review Panel, CLA Allied Health and Fellowship Grants (2018)

Member, Grant Review Panel for CIHR Respiratory Panel (2018)

Member, Grant Review Panel for CIHR Doctoral Awards (2014)

Member, Grant Review Committee (Stage 1) for CIHR Scholar Awards (2013, 2016).

Member Grant Review Committee, Operating Grants, Canadian Lung Association (2012, 2013, 2015, 2018)

Member, Grant Review Committee, New Investigator Awards, CIHR 2012, 2013.

Member, Grant Review Committee, Scholar Awards, MSFHR 2012.

Member, Grant Review Committee, Innovation Grants, VCH 2012.

Member, Grant Review Committee, Chronic Disease Team Grants. CIHR 2011.

Member Grant Review Committee, Small Business Grants for Respiratory Sciences. National Institutes of Health. July 2010.

Member, Grant Review Committee, VCHRI Interdisciplinary Grants (2005) and Team Grants (2006, 2009, 2010) and Scholar Grants (2014).

Have also been an external reviewer for grants submitted to: Canadian Lung Association,National Health and Medical Research Council Australia (NHMRC) (2010, 2018), Physicians’ Services Incorporated Foundation Ontario (2009, 2012)


Areas of special interest and accomplishments:

From 2000-2002: group leader in the Pulmonary Physiology course in the Harvard Science and Technology Program.

From 2004-2006: section leader for the Respiratory/Acute Care Section of the Evidence Based Medicine (INDE 453) Phase VI course.

From September, 2006: Director of Medicine560/Path518 Course (Respiratory Physiology)

(b) Courses Taught at UBC:

Year Session Course Number Scheduled Class Hours Taught
Hours Size Lecture Tutorials Labs Other
2002-4 Respiratory Exam INDE 410 Clinical Skills 4/yr 10   4   1 hr prep time
2003-2006 Control of Breathing Respiratory Physiology MED560, Path518 2/yr 10 2     2 hrs prep/exam time
2006-present Multiple Respiratory Physiology MED560, Path518 8-10/yr 10 8-10     20 hrs admin Course Director
2003-4 Respiratory INDE 453 4/yr 14   4   2 hrs prep time
2004-6 Respiratory/AcuteCare INDE 453 24/yr 14   24   5 hrs admin
2011-2012 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Biomedical Engineering Course 1/yr 70 1     2 hrs prep time
2014 Ambulatory MEDI 430 8 2-3   8    


(c) Graduate Students supervised at UBC:

Student Name Program Type Year Principal Supervisor Co-Supervisors
Start Finish
Mory Mehrtash Masters 9/16 2018 Najib Ayas
Bernardo Peres Doctoral Student 6/16 present Fernanda Almeida Najib Ayas and others
Mona Hamada Doctoral Student 9/14 present Fernanda Almeida Najib Ayas and others
William Henderson Doctoral Student 7/10 2016 William Sheel Najib Ayas and others
Bishr Abu-Yasin Doctoral Student 2014 2018 Najib Ayas
AJ Hirsch Allen Doctoral Student 1/14 2019 Najib Ayas
Mohammad Badran Masters 7/11 2013 Ismail Laher Najib Ayas and others
Mohammad Badran Doctoral Student 7/13 2019 Ismail Laher Najib Ayas and others
Nurit Fox Doctoral student 9/09 withdrew Najib Ayas, Jeremy Road John Fleetham, Frank Ryan
Vikram Comondore Resident Projects 1/07 7/10 Najib Ayas
Jordan Querido Doctoral Student 7/08 2012 William Sheel Najib Ayas
Scot Mountain Fellow/Resident Projects 1/07 7/10 Peter Dodek/Najib Ayas
Kimberley Louie Summer Medical Student Projects 5/07 7/10 Najib Ayas Peter Dodek
Amanda Wilmer Summer Medical Student Projects 5/07 7/10 Peter Dodek Najib Ayas
Nabil AlLawati Post-doc Fellow 7/07 6/08 Najib Ayas John Fleetham, F Ryan
Alan Mulgrew Post-doc Fellow 7/04 6/07 John Fleetham Najib Ayas, Frank Ryan
Robert Sharpe Fellow Project 1/07 6/08 Najib Ayas Juan Ronco
Charlie Wang Resident Projects 7/02 6/06 Najib Ayas Mark FitzGerald
Nayef AlGhanim Resident Project 7/06 6/07 Najib Ayas
Mubarak AlAjmi Fellow Projects 7/05 6/06 Najib Ayas
Gonzalo Alvarez Resident Projects 7/02 6/04 Najib Ayas

Drs. Mulgrew and AlLawati were full-time Respiratory research fellows working in the Sleep Program.

I supervised Drs. Wang, AlAjmi, AlGhanim, Comondore, and Alvarez on research projects during their clinical internal medicine/respiratory fellowships. I also supervised Drs. Mountain and Sharpe on their research projects during their Critical Care Fellowships.


Other students supervised:

Mila Kwiatkowska, PhD Computer Science Co-supervisor (Principal Supervisor: Stella Atkins) Simon Fraser University.


I also served as an external evaluator for Dr. Nick Antic’s PhD thesis (Flinders University, Adelaide Australia, 2008) concerning home diagnosis of sleep apnea, Susan Berney (Melbourne School of Health Sciences, Australia, 2010) concerning airway management in cervical spinal cord injury, and Annette Fedson concerning sleep apnea genetics (University of Western Australia 2010).