Dr. Josh Douglas

Dr. Douglas, a Clinical Assistant Professor, interests lie in the interaction between difference pathogens, their host immunological and clinical response and different therapeutics.

University or Institution Degree Subject Area Dates
Charles University, Prague,Czech Republic MD Sept 2002-April 2007
Langara College Human Performance Sept 1995-April 1998
UBC BHK Major: Human KineticsMinor: Biochemistry May 1998-April 2002


Continuing Medical Education

University or Institution Type Detail Dates
1 Albert Einstein Residency Internal Medicine July 2007-June2010
2 Stanford University Fellowship Critical Care Medicine July 2010-June2011
3 Cedars-Sinai/UCLA Fellowship Infectious Diseases July 2011-June2013
4 Heart-Lung Institute Fellowship CC Hemodynamics July 2013-June2015
5 University of Glascow Doctorate Tropical medicine Sept 2019-April2020


Professional Qualifications

1 Medical Doctor
2 Internal Medicine – ACIP and RCPSC
3 Critical Care Medicine – ACIP and RCPSC
4 Infectious Diseases – ACIP and RCPSC



  • Canada Critical Care Trials Group
  • Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute

Full list of publications can be found here:






  1. Fisher J, Douglas JJ, Linder A, Boyd JH, Walley KR, Russell Elevated Plasma Angiopoietin-2 Levels Are Associated With Fluid Overload, Organ Dysfunction, and Mortality in Human Septic Shock. Crit Care Med.2016;44(11):2018-2027.
  2. Douglas JJ, Tsang JL, Walley Sepsis and the innate-like response. Intensive Care Med.2014;40(2):249-251. doi:10.1007/s00134-013-3141-3
  3. Douglas JJ, Walley Fluid choices impact outcome in septic shock. Curr Opin Crit Care.2014;20(4):378-384. doi:10.1097/MCC.0000000000000116
  4. Douglas JJ, Roussel The role of genomics to identify biomarkers and signaling molecules during severesepsis. Minerva Anestesiol. 2016;82(3):343-358.
  5. Douglas JJ, Walley Metabolic changes in cardiomyocytes during sepsis. Crit Care.2013;17(5):186. Published 2013 Sep 20. doi:10.1186/cc13011
  • Conference Proceedings



  • Journals
    1. Douglas JJ, Willig JH. Giardiasis. In: Goldsmith LA, editor. VisualDx Visual Clinical Decision Support Tool [online]. Rochester, NY: Logical Images;
  1. Douglas JJ, Willig JH. Parainfluenza. In: Goldsmith LA, editor. VisualDx Visual Clinical Decision Support Tool [online]. Rochester, NY: Logical Images;
  2. Douglas JJ, Willig JH. St.Louis Encephalitis. In: Goldsmith LA, editor. VisualDxVisual Clinical Decision Support Tool [online]. Rochester, NY: Logical Images;


3.          BOOKS


Douglas JJ, Boyd JH, Walley KR. “Septic Cardiomyopathy: Quo Vadis? From Past-to- the Future. Frontiers in Myocardia; Vol. 1: Septic Cardiomyopathy: from bench-to-bedside.



  • Quality Culture 2020 BC Patient Safety and Quality Council
  • Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2011 – Department of Anesthesia, Stanford University 

Areas of special interest and accomplishments

1 Infectious Diseases
2 Skin and soft tissue infections
3 Infections in the Critically Ill
4 Tropical Medicine
5 Sepsis and Septic shock

Students supervised:

Student Name Program Type Program Details Year Supervisory Role Current Position/Awards
Start Finish
Eric Eckbo, MD Med Micro PGY-4 ID


Oct 2019 Nov 2019 Supervisor for 1month ID rotation
Victor Yuen, MD Med Micro PGY-4 ID


Nov2019 Dec 2019 Supervisor for 1month ID rotation
Simona Spassova,MD FamilyMedicine PGY-2 ID


April2019 May 2019 Supervisor for 2week ID rotation
Astrid Fearn, MD FamilyMedicine PGY-2 ID


May2019 May 2019 Supervisor for 2week ID rotation